Monday, January 3, 2011

One Little Word

Well, you may have noticed a new banner in the side bar. Yes, it is another Ali Edwards' project, no surprise there! I am choosing one little word to focus on throughout this year. I did this last year and found that it really helped me to stay on track with my goals for the year.

Last year's word was finished. I chose it because I wanted to be finished with my dissertation and finished with a number of unfinished projects. It hadn't been enough to resolve to finish these projects in the past, so I chose the past tense version of the word to hopefully visualize them actually done rather than the process of getting them done. And there are so many things that I FINISHED!
* three chapters of my dissertation
* three quilts!
* two papers for publication, one is submitted and one is being reviewed by my advisor
* my Teaching with Technology certificate through UT's Graduate Student Instructor program
* Week in the Life
* all of the foundation pages, pictures, and journaling for December Daily (I haven't finished assembling it yet, but I have all of the pieces that I need)

This year's word is embrace. There are so many changes coming up this year that I know are good for me and for my life path. I want to embrace these changes, feeling at peace with my decisions rather than wondering the perpetual “what if?” that I have plagued myself with in the past. We shall see where this word takes me this year.

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  1. I figured out my problem so can comment again, and just wanted to say YAY, I love everything you have finished!

    Now I just want to know the gender of your latest work in progress!