Friday, March 12, 2010

I didn't win : (

So, I didn't win the Paperclipping Roundtable contest. I am kind of bummed, to be perfectly frank and honest. I was anxiously awaiting the results, knowing I had a pretty good shot, since for a while it looked like only 11 people had entered. But they narrowed it down to 5 and then to 2 and then picked someone else.

bummer. Yes, I was secretly repeating my name over and over again in my head as they explained how they picked the winner. No, they never said it.

Guess the universe is trying to tell me I need to stop daydreaming about scrapbooking and get back to writing my dissertation. Remember that, Cynthia? Your life dream since you were a senior in high school?!? Now, if I could scrapbook my dissertation, I think I would have been done years ago.

I did have fun writing my entry and thinking about what I would say on the show if I was picked. And I was so glad that I already had a blog in place when the contest started, so it was easy to create my entry. I also liked reading what the other contestants wrote (and getting comments on my blog!) So all in all, I am looking at it as a success. And my consolation prize is to write here all the things I would have said on the show. Stay tuned...

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