Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. It is already March! Yikes! I have three weeks to get a draft of chapters 2-5 to my advisors.
2. I am so close to finishing chapter two - I just wish there were a few more hours in the day so that I could finish it that much sooner.
3. We just drove from Winter Park, Colorado to Austin in my sister's car that she gave us. Thanks, Linnea, the car drove great and Patrick is thrilled! The Colorado-Amarillo drive was pretty and snowy, the Amarillo-Austin drive not so much. West Texas is stinky! But the world's largest wind farm that we drove through was pretty cool.
4. I did a lot of thinking on the drive - now I need to spend some time writing those ideas down.
5. We skied one day while we were in Colorado - great snow, great weather, great company!
6. I liked my rented skis so much that I bought them! The manager at the rental place was willing to sell them for $100 - an excellent deal, especially since I got to try them out before I committed to buying.
7. I really liked Virtue and Moir's ice dance during the Figure Skating exhibition -- I wish more skaters did creative things like this! I still remember Oksana Baiul dancing with Victor Petrenko during the Exhibition Skate in 1994 - an all-time favorite for me.
8. Trend alert: quilting as an inspiration for scrapbook pages and vice versa. I have seen some cross-over already, for instance the line of fabrics done by Basic Grey for moda, but I expect to see a lot more. For instance, check out Studio Calico's March kit, called Quilting Bee.
9. I liked this list of journaling prompts at write.click.scrapbook. I am going to try to do two of them this month.
10. This is a given, but I am saying it anyway: I am so looking forward to being done with my dissertation!

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  1. Can't imagine how nervous I would be to try skiing -- heck, sledding scared the bejeezus out of me because the little hill seemed so big when up on top!