Monday, November 8, 2010

Another finished quilt top!

I am so excited to have completed my THIRD quilt top this year. Yes, that's right I have finished 3 quilt tops this year, an absolute record for me, especially since I have only finished 2 other quilt tops in my lifetime!

This quilt is for my cousin. My sister and I planned it as a baby quilt for her when she was in fact a baby. We got everything done in a timely manner except the outside borders. Then as time passed and I hadn't made any progress on it, I decided that it would be more practical if I made it bigger. I figured out that I had enough fabric to enlarge it and then put it away again. I finally added the bottom third this month. My sister was in town this past weekend, and she helped me get the outside border on, the backing made, the quilt top ironed, and the threads trimmed and voila, it's done! It only took us six years -- my cousin will be 7 in February!

I am having it quilted on a longarm by That Quilter - I am excited to see what she does with it!

And because I finished three projects this year, I allowed myself to buy fabric for three more projects at Quilt Festival this year. Logical, right?

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