Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop for March

Xnomads' Blog
Hard to believe it is March already! I am participating in the One Little Word Blog Hop again this month and wanted to thank Margie for getting me in to the list at the very last minute! I emailed her at midnight last night and she worked some magic and got me into the rotation. That makes me last on the list, so click over to Margie's blog when you are done here to go full circle (or start the hop from the beginning). A big thank you to Cindy also for linking me in to the hop so that I could participate.

My word for the year is embrace, and our February prompt from Ali Edwards was to take pictures of things that remind us of our word. I took two photo walks (something I never do!) to scout out possible inspiration and found myself drawn to circles (encircle is a synonym of embrace).

From my photo walk in Vail, CO: Wind mobiles

From my photo walk in Charleston, SC: a logo for a weekend festival. I liked that it had the year along with the circles.

Some other photos from my Charleston walk can be found here. My favorite photo is by far the one of the older couple on the boardwalk.

I also found my word in my internet surfing and took screenshots - that counts as a picture, right? : ) These shots come from a blog post which can be found here. The first one is from the text of the post and the second is from the comments.

This month I also made the cover for my album:

And took a class on Embracing Imperfection at Big Picture Classes - how perfect of a title! I took this screenshot from the handout as a reminder to myself to embrace my imperfections : ) I took the advice to heart and made 3 scrapbook layouts this month!

I am trying hard to be mindful of my word in my daily life. I find that it is making me calmer and that I am having an easier time of handling things as they come. That's a good thing!

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  1. Embrace is a wonderful word. I had considered using it as my word, but I ended up with Clear. Either way I seem to be embracing my word and life more completely this year =)

    Happy blog hopping (I'm stop #34)!

  2. I like how you used a lot of circles to represent embrace. Great job! (stop #29)

  3. Welcome to the blog hop, so glad you could join in. Enjoyed your post and all the you found out about embracing!

  4. Wonderful! Glad your word is working for you and that you've incorporated it into your every day. Enjoy March!

  5. Love your photos! I was in the Embrace Imperfection class too. Glad you got in on the blog hop! :)

  6. welcome aboard!! happy to see the south carolina photos - we are coming for a week in octoberl Enjoy the rest of march.

  7. Lovely photos of your OLW. The circles are a perfect idea.

  8. embrace is a wonderful word - hope you continue to enjoy the journey!

  9. I like the circles too and was in the Embrace Imperfection class as well. Good luck with your word this month!