Friday, April 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop for April

I got a lot done on my One Little Word project this month!
Xnomads' Blog

I added the "beginnings" frame to my January 5x7 photo and got it printed. It looks great in my album!

I fixed my January layout - I wasn't happy with how I had originally made my card with "embrace" on it. But now I think it's just right!

I got my February photos printed and added captions to them so that I would remember why I took them:

You can click on any of the images to see them larger.

And I made my March layout!! Our task this month was to choose an action related to our word and do it. My action was to submit a COMPLETE draft of my dissertation to my committee by March 20. I came close - I did send something to my chair on March 20, but it wasn't complete. I sent her a complete draft a week later - hey, it's before the end of the month, right?

I never put butterflies on anything (it's a scrapbook trend I have generally avoided), but I decided to go for it this time since they kind of represent change. And part of my goal with choosing "embrace" was to try new things in my creative process. So the butterflies represent the change that comes with finishing a dissertation and the flowers represent the growth that I have undergone in this whole process.

Also, I didn't go into this with a fixed color palette in mind, but it looks like turquoise, orange, and brown are emerging as themes.

Next up, Cheri A! Make sure you scroll down and check out how she decluttered her scrap space -- it looks AMAZING! And definitely check out Margie's blog to thank her for organizing such a great blog hop!

Here's the complete list of participants in case you want to hop around:
1. Margie
2. Amanda
3. Donna
4. Joy
5. Jan
6. Jamie
7. Nikki
8. Monica B2
9. Cindy
10. Stacey
11. Katrina
12. Rebekah
13. Monica
14. Chrissy
15. Jill
16. Lisa
17. Kathryn
18. Jennifer
19. Jen
20. Sam
21. Miranda
22. Lynn
23. Cynthia --- you are here
24. Cheri A --- go here next
25. Deb
26. Nicky
27. Karen D
28. Tina
29. Kimberly
30. Abbey
31. Julie Ann
32. Lisa A


  1. Congratulations on submitting your completed dissertation! Way to embrace life!

    And I love your emerging color palette, as well as the butterfly :)

  2. All the different colors look fabulouts! And liking those butterflies too.

  3. Great job on getting your dissertation in! Love your colors and design, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. All your pages look fab. Love the color scheme. Congratulations on finishing your dissertation.

  5. Congrats on turning in your dissertation. Your pages look wonderful, thanks for sharing!

  6. Well done, I'm sure the dissertation being turned in feels absolutely fabulous!!!! You certainly got caught up with OLW, yay!!! The pages look awesome. Great job! xoxo

  7. Your album looks great! Congrats on taking action with your dissertation.

  8. I love your album and the butterflies are really pretty. I too don't use butterflies but maybe I will because I always think they look so nice. Congrats on your dissertation. Thanks for joining the blog hop!

  9. Congrats on finishing your dissertation - what a huge weight off that must be! Your album is beautiful and I love the butterflies!

  10. your pages are very beautiful.
    and keep those butterflies coming...i need the company.
    they work perfectly with our creative book as well as your word.
    beautiful project.