Saturday, December 1, 2012

One Little Word Blog Hop for December

It's December 1!  I'm very excited to start my December Daily album.  But I'm here to report on my One Little Word album!  My word this year is design and it has been a great word for me.  I have been working hard to catch up and used this month's blog hop to motivate me to finish November so that it wasn't looming over my head.

I like this prompt a lot - and ended up having a lot to write!  It was hard to fit it all onto the 2.5 x 3.5 cards.  I'm still figuring out if I will make a separate page for the journaling that didn't fit.  I think I might just put it in my Yearbook in a Snap for Stacy Julian's Twelve class.

Here's what the draft looked like - almost filled the blank cards too!

One cool aspect of my design for this page is that the number patterned paper has my birthday in it.  Can you see it?  My birthday is 11 - 24 - 77.

Here are the other participants in this month's hop.  Next up: Karen!

And special thanks to Lisa for organizing this month.


  1. I lOVE your enthusiasm. I haven't read your bio, but I bet you are much younger than I am - he, he. Funny too, because it sounds like you and I were on opposite ends of the spectrum when it came to putting words on paper this year! I know you read my blog, so you know what I mean :))

  2. I've been using the blog hop as motivation all year - means I know the stuff will get done. When I've had longer journaling I've added another page (look at last month's hop for an example) or done as you've suggested and created pages elsewhere. Have fun and glad to see you hopping again!

  3. It's good when you have more to say than space allows ~ I reckon that's makes for an extremely successful year of your OLW.

  4. Happy belated birthday! That smiling face in the middle just makes me smile too. Love it!

  5. I am in love with your page! Love how you did that picture to make it the focal point but that your journaling is still so thoughtful. Happy December :)

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I really struggled with what to put on my blank cards and felt like choosing a photo was an easy way out of the problem!

  6. I just adore the happy birthday photo that takes center stage in your page!

  7. Your page looks awesome! I love the little detail of the orange letter stickers. So elegant :)