Friday, February 19, 2010

Feeling inspired by the Winter Olympics

We have been watching the Winter Olympics pretty much every night since it started. The Opening Ceremonies and all of the figure skating costumes have gotten my creative wheels turning.

I am thinking about doing a red and white layout, inspired by the Russians' jacket, by far my favorite outfit at the Opening Ceremonies.

Thanks to Fourth Place Medal for the picture.

Although the Azerbaijanis' pants were a close second:

Thanks to SB nation for the photo.

I am also drawn to the blue and green they are using for the backdrop of the figure skating rink - this was the closest image I could find that captures what I like about it (I know it's a snowboarder):

Picture comes from this blog (but I also saw it on the NBC official site).

I am not sure where to begin with the figure skating costumes, because the ones that come to mind first are the ones I don't like. Maybe Ice Dancing and Women's Figure Skating will be more inspiring. Stay tuned.

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