Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My first ten on Tuesday

1. Who knows if I will keep up with this habit (most likely no), but it's Tuesday, and I think I can come up with ten things to say, so I'm giving it a shot.
2. I am working on an article and trying to finish it today. I will be so happy when it is done, but let's just say I am so not happy right now.
3. I finished a quilt top that I have had in the works for a long time. (Estimated start date was Fall 2001 - I don't actually remember if this is right since it was so long ago!) Finish is a relative term, since I still need to sew on the borders, but the hard part of the top is
4. I can't find the fabric that I had designated for the quilt border and it is driving me NUTS!
5. The push is on to finish my dissertation this semester.
6. I have been enjoying the Olympics so far. Nordic Combined was an unexpectedly fun race to watch. But the best part has actually been watching my husband's leg muscles try their hand at Olympic competition - he flinches during every race, ski jump, and figure skating lift.
7. I am planning to make this for dinner tonight.
8. This article makes me want to re-think a career in academia.
9. I like cold weather, but I don't like colds -- I'm hoping I don't get the cold that my husband has been fighting.
10. Men's figure skating starts tonight!


  1. Nice quilt top, Cia! I hope you find your border fabric. (I'm nancyknots from Simplify 101, also do quilting, though I don't finish much!)

    Interesting that your husband flinches while watching the Olympics -- I remember watching a wrestling match in high school, where my muscles were actually sore afterward.

  2. wow -- the top looks SO AWESOME on the bed! I know I've seen it in person before, but yay it looks cool!!!

    (oh, and the previous problem I had with your pictures not showing was apparently my computer problem. Reloaded and all is well. nanann = dork).