Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 pieces of paper on my desk right now

1) Post-it note detailing airfares between Austin and Minneapolis for various dates in July and August.
2) Details and measurements on furniture that my dad is bringing us this weekend.
3) Basic Word Order in Mayan Languages (England 1991), open to pp. 464-5
4) Syllabus for Language Change and Language Variation (the course I am teaching in July)
5) A gazillion Bed Bath & Beyond coupons
6) Goal tracking sheet - top priorities: plan lectures for my course, work on numerals article, and finish chapter 5 of my dissertation
7) 3 outdated to do lists, all related to in-progress craft projects
8) Notes to myself on a word order alternation in Kokama-Kokamilla
9) A bunch of Target receipts
10) A book called Step-by-Step Window Treatments

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