Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week in the Life Progress

I know it is practically July and I still have my Week in the Life banner on my blog and I haven't shown you any pictures of the album yet. True confession here, folks: finishing projects is not my strong suit. I am a good shopper and a good planner and a good starter, but finishing... well, there's room for improvement there. I am determined to get this one done, though, so here is an update on the album.

I have all of the memorabilia assembled, I just need to finish doing the photos! It is taking a while because I am cropping my photos to fit 4 photos onto one 5x7 canvas. Ali Edwards made it look so easy, a one day project. Yeah, well, it's not that fast for me. Here is a sample of one 5x7 from Wednesday:

Each day will have a page with a large 8.5x4.75 photo on the top left, a 4x6 picture of what I was wearing that day (lower left), and the first page of notes for that day. At the end of that day's section, there will be room for another 8.5x4.75 photo (or layout), and the rest of my notes from the day. The notes are included exactly as I originally wrote them in my notebook, no editing, no transferring to nicer paper, no stress. I had thought I would write more when it came time to put the album together, but I'm trying to make it easier on myself to finish, so I just ripped them out of the notebook and plopped them in the page protector. Good thing they fit!

In between those "anchor" pages of sorts will be various pages for miscellaneous paper from the day:

as well as baseball card divided page protectors for memorabilia, smaller photos (the aforementioned 2.5x3.5s) and journaling:

(The letter on the right is from my uncle Eric, who does not have his own email account or access to the internet. His handwritten letters are definitely a part of my day-to-day life and I am so glad this one was dated within the dates of week in the life so that I could include it (even though it arrived later the next week). This is something that I will look back on and be glad that I have, and it serves as a reminder for why I want to FINISH this project!)


  1. Great progress! Sounds like we need a crafting GTG so you can finish this project.

  2. MamaMonkey, so true! I am back in town after fourth of july, let's plan something!

    PS. Don't know if you noticed, but the favors I made for my cousin's shower (http://paperpapereverywhere.blogspot.com/2010/06/shower-crafts.html) were lifted from a giftie you gave me!

  3. It's looking great! And I can't believe you are getting so much done when you are out of town! You must have packed a lot!