Tuesday, April 6, 2010

10 pieces of paper on my desk right now

1. A printed-out copy of chapter 3 from March 24.
2. A second printed-out copy from April 2. (Two is always better than one.)
3. My goals tracking sheet for this week - number one goal is to FINISH CHAPTER 3!
4. Invite list for my cousin's bridal shower.
5. A $1 off coupon for Swirll. [Good thing I checked the website - I found out I can get 10% off with my student ID from 5-7pm. I think there is a yogurt in my future.]
6. Six post-it notes with random dissertation-related thoughts on them.
7. A Xerox copy of 7 pages from A Reference Grammar of Warao.
8. Eight sheets of examples that I need to look at for my dissertation.
9. List of Iquito words I use frequently in my dissertation with the correct vowel length and tone marking.
10. An article called Procrastination and Perfectionism.

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