Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life, Day 3

By the numbers:
151 photos!! You got that right, it more than makes up for my 4 photos yesterday.
2 printed out emails
3 pages of notes
3 pages of thoughts on the conversations I had today

By the photos:
Apparently what I look like while I wait for the bus in the morning. Squinty and ready to get away from the bus stop.

The bus finally arrives. The bus driver said he was going to charge me for taking his photo.

Trying to finish my nemesis, aka Chapter 3

Frozen yogurt after an impromptu outdoor Earth Day movie. Do love that husband of mine, especially since shortly after this smiley photo I had a dissertation meltdown moment.

I thought I should add that I was able to take so many pictures because I held my camera along my whole (walking) commute against my body and took a picture every time I reached a milestone, either by turning, going up stairs, or crossing the street. I did this both directions to get both perspectives.

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