Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in the Life, Day 1

By the numbers:
32 photos (31 on my camera and 1 on the iPhone).
2 pages of notes
2 receipts
1 printed email
2 printed journal articles, I will probably include the first page of both of them
1 page ripped out of the Lands End catalog

By the photos:

I got a message on facebook today from a friend who is doing some linguistics research and wanted some help. He sent a copy of the paper he is working on to an email account that I don't check very often anymore (too much spam). I checked the account, and there was a super sweet email from my sister that she had just sent yesterday. I printed her email out to put in my Week in the Life - I don't think I would have documented it without this project! That will be a very special thing to have in my album. And it makes me wonder what the odds are that I would check that email account TODAY, when the last time I checked it was over a month ago.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, you are definitely giving me some new ideas on things to document! Love the idea of incorporating a meaningful email!
    And I did the same shot of my freeway exit and I love it too ;)