Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting ready for Week in the Life

Ali Edwards' Week in the Life project starts on Monday, and I am getting ready. I made a little notebook to jot down my notes as I go about the week. "Made" is a relative term, since all I did was adhere a journaling block that was in some leftovers from an Archiver's class to a notebook I already had. What I like about this particular notebook is that it came in a clear poly envelope, so I can use that envelope to save my paper miscellanea from the week (receipts, etc.) It was left in the giveaway pile in my office's common lounge and I grabbed it a few months back, thinking I could recover it somehow and make a cute notebook out of it. I was hesitant to use it for Week in the Life for fear there was a more "perfect" project that I could use it for. Yeah, trying to let go of the perfect thing, so I bit the bullet and said, "This is the perfect project. I am using it."

I am also finishing up projects that would otherwise distract me, as per Aby Garvey's advice, and so you can see a little bit of the pink and green shower invites I am working on in the upper right corner. Hoping to get those mailed this weekend! They are so cute, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for the intended recipients, so I will wait til next week to post a picture.

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  1. I'm also getting ready for Ali Edwards' Week in the Life...I prepped a minibook and this is my first year, but now I'm thinking it's not enough! Not sure what to expect :)